When you accidentally type “hood” instead of “good”


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So this funny thing happened at g4 with Jeff and Jomo

  • So at the meet and greet we spoke to Jeff about how it was his first time in England and stuff
  • Us: how are you enjoying England ?
  • Jeff: it's awesome yeah, ive done loads of cool stuff, like I went on a boat and saw parliament
  • Me: have you had tea with the queen yet? Because you know all English people so that.
  • Jeff: OMG YOU CAN DO THAT?!?
  • Me: no Jeff.. sarcasm...
  • Jeff: Oh
  • Whole table laughs
  • later at the autograph sessions
  • Me: hey Jeff
  • Jeff: he-*looks up* oh it's you. You lied to me..
  • Me: *giggles*
  • Jeff: I feel so betrayed
  • Me: I'm sorry you can't actually have tea with the queen Jeff
  • Jomo : seriously? Jeff you're so stupid.
  • Me: *laughs harder*
  • Jomo: ignore him he's an idiot.